Warm Fuzzies

Awww, my heart is still warm. I had such a nice reference transaction the other day that left me with a warm, cozy feeling. An older gentleman phoned me with what started out as the most convoluted question I had yet to answer. He started rattling on about his DVD recorder and wanted to know how to operate the machine, specifically how to enable this auto-fill feature so when he’s typing in the name of a program he wants to record it’ll complete the title… Say what? I almost told him that he had reached a public library, not Future Shop. (Apparently he had called London Drugs and was told to contact his local public library (?)) I, of course, tried to help as best as I could. I wasn’t able to find an owner’s manual online, that was downloadable, and I figured it wouldn’t be much help anyway because he didn’t know what that specific feature was called. So I found him the 1-800 number for Toshiba and sent him on his way.

I was helping another patron when he called back, but he left such an elaborate message for me saying how he called Toshiba, which he wouldn’t have called until he talked to me because he thought they wouldn’t be open (it was evening). I had assured him that most support lines are open 24/7. Anyway, he said he got his machine working properly and he was so grateful for my help. “Congratulations! Good work!” He went on an on with his praise. It was so sweet. Such an insignificant problem in the scope of problems one could have, but it meant a lot to him to have his machine working properly. And it was nice to have contributed, in a small part, to his happiness.