New Fishy Storytime

Here’s my new version of a Fishy Storytime, geared towards preschoolers:

Opening: If you’re ready for a story clap your hands. If you’re ready for a story clap your hands. If you’re ready for a story, if you’re ready for a story, if you’re ready for a story clap your hands.
… stomp your feet
… wave hello

Book: Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen

Everybody reach up high
Stretching, stretching to the sky
Swaying left and swaying right
Swimming in the sea at night
Everybody reach up high, stretching, stretching to the sky

Flannel: The Octopus (octopus flannel with 8 flannel boots)
How many boots should an octopus buy?
To keep his feet nice and dry?
Let’s count his feet and then we’ll know–
We can count, let’s go!
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Eight new boots is what he should buy–
That will keep the octopus dry!

Book:  Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway

Song: Critters in the Sea (tune: Wheels on the Bus)
The waves in the sea go up and down, up and down… all through the sea
The fish in the sea go swim, swim, swim…
The crabs in the sea go pinch, pinch, pinch…
The octopus in the sea go wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…
The sharks in the sea go chomp, chomp, chomp…
The clams in the sea go open and shut, open and shut, open and shut…

Flannel: Modified “Brown Bear” on flannel board
Red fish red fish what do you see?
I see  blue fish looking at me… Blue fish blue fish what do you see? Etc.
Children, children, what do you see… We see a red fish, blue fish etc. …. looking at us!

Stretch up high
Stretch, stretch, away up high;
On your tiptoes, reach the sky.
See the bluebirds flying high.
Now bend and touch your toes;
Now sway as the North wind blows;
Now waddle as the gander goes!
Now turn around and sit back down!

Book: Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins

Action rhyme with octopus puppet: “Octopus, Octopus”
Octopus, octopus, turn around.
Octopus, octopus, touch the ground.
Octopus, octopus, dig in the sand,
Octopus, octopus, shake your neighbors’ hand.
Octopus, octopus, dive for a pearl.
Octopus, octopus, do a twirl.
Octopus, octopus, reach up high.
Octopus, octopus, swimming by.
Octopus, octopus, sway in the sea breeze.
Octopus, octopus, sit down please.

Book: Ten Little Fish by Audrey Wood

Closing Song: I think it’s time, we have to go
Wave your elbows, wave your toes
Wave your tongue, wave your nose
Wave your knees, wave your lips
Blow me a kiss with your fingertips
Wave your chin, wave your eye
Now it’s time to wave goodbye

Fish Stamp for all the kids!

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