Peek-a-Boo Baby

I’m officially the backup for Babytime at my new position. Babytime was always my most feared aspect of librarianship and something I vowed I never to do. I was a 100% adult services librarian! However, after filling in for my coworker a few weeks ago, I realized that Babytime is actually a lot of fun and not nearly as intimidating as I thought. For one, singing in front of a group of 20 or so parents isn’t as daunting as it sounds, since most parents know the words of the songs and sing along with you (I also put up lyric sheets so parents can follow along). Also, a coworker had me look at it from the parents’ point of view- they’re simply grateful to be out of the house and entertained for a half hour! Plus, when you see how excited some of these little ones get when we sing a song they recognize, it’s most satisfying. I don’t think I’ll convert to a children’s librarian but it does add some interaction and variety to my position.

My first attempt at Babytime was somewhat chaotic, as I hadn’t expected the majority of the babies to actually be toddlers, and Toddler Times are definitely planned differently than Babytimes. Now I’ve got a solid plan, so this week should go more smoothly. Here is my outline:

Roly Poly
I’m in the mood for singing
Acka, backa soda cracker
This is the way we wash our hands

Shaker Songs:  pass around shakers to each baby
Shake and shake and shake and stop
Shake them up high
Shake it high, shake it low
Tap, tap, tap your hand

Scarf Songs:  exchange shakers for scarves
Jack in the box
Peek-a-boo baby
Peek-a-boo, peek-a-boo
Where is baby

Book: So Many Babies by Lorna Crozier

Elevator song
A bouncing we will go
Here we go up, up, up
Bell horses (with bells)
Are you sleeping (with bells)

Book: Ten Tiny Tickles by Karen Katz

Zoom, zoom
Tick tock, I’m a little cuckoo clock
One little, two little toesies
Row, row, row your boat (with alligator/crocodile puppet)

Closing Rhyme:
See you later alligator (with alligator/crocodile puppet)

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