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I thought it would be a neat idea to keep track of some of the reference questions I have been asked. If you’re an MLIS student, this will give you an idea of typical reference questions asked in a public library and help you practice answering questions. Also, I can look back on these questions and think of how I’d answer them the second time, thus improving my mad information retrieval skills 😉

  • I need information on creating a public service announcement- are there any books or other resources on the subject?
  • I received a medical report from my doctor saying I had an angiomyolipomas- what does that mean?
  • I have to write a paper on the pros and cons of school uniforms- where can I find information?
  • Do you have any books on the side effects of drugs?
  • My daughter loves Harry Potter; are there any other books you think she’d like?
  • How do I download audiobooks onto my iPhone?
  • Plus, 654,824 questions on how to use the photocopier.

One of my projects at work was to create a workshop on choosing an eReader or tablet that’s best for you. I’ve finally put it all together and I’m presenting it next week. I decided to post it on YouTube; however, the presentation will be different in that I’ll be demonstrating how to use a Kobo, iPad, and Sony Reader, so there will be more visuals. Also, I wont be reading the script verbatim so (hopefully) I’ll sound more animated and enthusiastic 🙂 So without further ado:


The National Reading Campaign is launching the “What did you read today?” public awareness campaign to help make reading a national priority. Starting today (Nov. 14th) until Dec. 31st you have a chance to win a Kobo eReader simply by tweeting what you’re reading today to @readingcampaign with the #whatdidyoureadtoday? tag. There’s also a contest so kids can win books for their classrooms or libraries. Neat idea!

For more information on the National Reading Plan, check out this page [PDF].


Great article: 6 Apps that Turn Your Phone into an Ereader.

Don’t forget Overdrive Media Console so you can download books from your local library!

Also, here are some links for free eBooks: